2019 IEEE ISBI國際AI醫療影像競賽,擊敗435個國際團隊與49間AI公司,排名全世界前1.8%

王靖維教授團隊開發超高速巨量影像AI平台,秒速完成Gigabyte影像AI判讀肺癌組織於全景域病理影像,除速度驚人,其精準度更於2019 ISBI國際AI競賽ACDC,擊敗全球435個團隊(包含49間全球AI公司),更勝過美國馬里蘭大學、俄羅斯SKYCHAIN、倫敦聖瑪莉大學 等歐美頂尖AI團隊,排名世界前1.8%

The AI Explore team led by Prof Ching-Wei Wang in the 2019 IEEE ISBI ACDC International Medical Imaging AI Competition defeats 435 teams worldwide (including 49 international AI companies) and ranks top 1.8% worldwide.

Professor Ching-Wei Wang's team developed the ultra-high-speed terapixel image AI platform, which analyzes gigapixel whole slide pathological images in seconds. In addition to the amazing speed, its accuracy is outstanding, defeating 435 teams worldwide, including 49 AI company, and outperforms the AI systems by world leading AI teams in the United States, the University of Maryland, Russia SKYCHAIN, London St. Mary's University and other top European and American AI teams. Within only two weeks AI training time, AI Explore system won the international award and ranks top 1.8% worldwide in 2019 IEEE ISBI ACDC Automatic Cancer Detection and Classification in Whole-slide Lung Histopathology Challenge.

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